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iConverter NMM

Network Management Module

The iConverter NMM provides SNMP, Telnet or serial port management to the iConverter product line. The NMM is capable of fault-tolerant management of up to nineteen cascaded (daisy chained) chassis from a single IP address, or eighteen remote chassis via Remote OAM management. The NMM continuously polls for status, reports information and configures the parameters of its managed modules as instructed by the network management software (such as NetOutlook). The NMM generates traps reporting special events, including module insertion or removal, link-up or down, power and temperature range violations. Traps can be sent to eight different traphost locations. These features give the network administrator the ability to monitor, control and be alerted when unusual events occur, ensuring reliable network functionality.



Product Name iConverter NMM
Model Number 8000-0
Interfaces LAN RJ45
Cascade Firewire
Console DB9 RS232
Dimensions(H×W×D) 21.6 x 114.3 x 71.1 [mm]
Weight 226.4 [g]
Operating Requirements 0~50℃/5~95%(non-condensing)
Wide Temperature -40~60℃
Management CLI(Telnet・Serial)/SNMP/NetOutlook(Management Software)
Network Function Power Loss Trap(option)
Compliance UL, CE, FCC Class A, NEBS 3

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