Smart Japan Office
Smart Japan Office

Do you want to have an office in Japan ?

  As you may know, the Japanese Market is the 2nd only to the United States in the world. Therefore, it is possible for you to sell a significant amount of your product in this market if you know how. To this end, it is essential that you have an office in Japan to support customers and to show your commitment to this market. However, it is not easy to establish and run your own "Japan Office" effectively.

But don't worry, we can help you with Smart Japan Office (SJO) !!

  SJO is the the fastest and smartest way to establish a presence in Japan so you can start selling in the Japanese Market!

For your Office in Japan

What is difficult ?
Why SJO is much better ?
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the best way.

Why isn't it easy to establish and run your own "Japan Office" effectively?

Point1: It is very difficult to find a good country manager in Japan for a couple of reasons

Language :
Excellent English language skills are essential for your country manager to have for day-to-day communications. There are many excellent businesspersons in Japan. However most of them lack good English language skills. Less than 1 % of Japanese people can speak English fluently....
Brand :
Japanese people are brand conscious. They like to buy brand name products. And They like to work for well known companies. Therefore, the cream of the crop go to work for large Japanese companies. And also Japanese people don't want to move easily from big company to mid and small companies.

Point2: It is very expensive to operate an office in Japan.

Office rent is very expensive in Japan. If you want to rent an office in the Tokyo area, it will easily cost you easily $100K per a year. And if you rent office space in a run down area, it is will be difficult to attract quality employees to manage your business.
Personnel cost in Japan is higher than you might expect. If you hire a good country manager, his or her salary will be about $200K per year. Also he/she will need his/ her team and an assistant. The salary for each person will be about $50K per year. On top or this, you have to consider SGA expenses which could easily be at the $200K level.

Total expenses per one year for a basic branch office in Japan will be $500K.
Many foreign companies are spending more than $1M per year and are not able to generate enough revenue to justify this expence.

SJO can solve the above issues ! >>
SJO programs are here for you ! >>

Why SJO is much better?

If you establish your own office in Japan by yourself, you must overcome some major hurdles as mentioned.
That will not be an easy way. And even if you get your own Japan office, it will be harder to keep managing your office effectively. And also it takes much longer time to start up your office. Anyway

Our SJO can offer you an easy way to realize the same level of service as your own office has. It is the most inexpensive and fastest way for you.

<< Advantage by using SJO >>

Cost :
SJO offers an excellent quality service like having your own office but with much lower cost.
One fixed monthly payment. No unexpected expenses such as taxes.
Service :
SJO offers various levels of services. You can choose the SJO service level that suits your needs. Our service program can be customized to fit your needs.
Time :
Your "Japan office" opens as soon as you sign the contract with us!
No need to spend your precious time and money looking a qualified country manager and office space in Japan.

SJO is the the fastest and smartest way to establish an office in Japan and start selling to the Japanese Market !! >>

Smart Japan Office

offers the fastest and the smartest way to run your own Japan Office!

JTS offers various levels depending on your needs.

1. Entry ($1,000/month):

Update your Japanese Web site, e-mail communication and follow up on Inquiries with Japanese customers, provide a fax number and postal address in Japan, a weekly report, and basic consulting.

2. Entry with Telephone ($2,000/monthly):

The above plus one dedicated telephone number set up in Japan. 9a-5p/ 5days a week telephone call answering by real person and voice recording all of after working hours.

3. Professional ($5,000/monthly):

All of the above plus proactive activity by the Country Manager.

4. Professional with local technical issue support ($10,000/monthly):

All of the above plus local technical support by design/trained engineer.

The above programs can be modified based on each situation and your needs.
JTS is happy to discuss any changes you would like.