Tom Kojima
He has been President of JTS Corporation since he founded it in 2004.
More than 27 years experience in the telecommunications, network, IT service, and semiconductor industries at various companies like NEC, Uniden, Siemens, Internet Number, and Paradyne including 5 years in Toronto, Canada (NEC Canada) and 2.5 years in Dusseldorf, Germany (Uniden Europe).
He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kobe University.
Shuji Matsura
More than 30 years experience in the telecommunication and software industries.
He has a great executive management experience at NEC including a head of telecommunication subsidiary in Toronto, Canada.
He used to be a member of NEC Licensing Department where he devoted his time to introduce US and Europe patents and know how for NEC.
Also, he used to be a chief representative of NEC Vienna Office to develop European PTT business.
He is an executive advisor at JTS Corporation.
He has a Bachelor of Laws from Kyushu University.
Riki Oishi
More than 18 years experience in the wireless telecommunication and electronics components industries at Uniden and Link Evolution including overseas experience in USA and Europe.
He is one of the Board Members at JTS Corporation.
He used to be one of the Board Members at Link Evolution (merged with ITX EG) to manage sales and business development.
He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University.
Mick Magin
More than 10 years experience in Networking and the computer peripherals industries at Paradyne, Minolta and Tech Data including international project management, technical support (both pre- and tier 4 post-sales), and engineering product support.
He stations in Tampa, Florida taking US sales responsibility as well as technical support responsibility.
He has various training experiences and certifications such as the MCP (Micrsoft Certified Professional).
He has a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ and a Bachelor of Arts, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.
Daisuke Nagatsuka
Close to 10 years technical support management experience at EPSON and Paradyne. He is going to take a head of technical support responsibility after joining JTS Corporation in April, 2005. He is currently a head of Technical Support Center at Paradyne Japan Office.
He has a Bachelor of Chemical Science from Tokai University