■ EFM SHDSL "ETHX series"
SHDSL modem "ETHX series" are used for extending LAN in premises and factory, and used in society's infrastructures (road and railway) and mobile backhaul.

■ 3CX IP-PBX Solution for NTT Hikari Denwa
The 3CX IP-PBX solution makes it easier for connecting to NTT Hikari Denwa (Office Type) and constructing VoIP environment.

■ Management of Media Converter for base station
Management solution of Media Converter for base station using CWDM module that enables configuration of IP remote management environment with high cost-effectiveness.

■ Speed up mobile backhaul
Mobile backhaul solution that supports backhaul strengthening of existing 3G base station that is connected with ISDN. This solution also supports shifting to IP base (Ethernet).

■ MultiDSL ReachDSL+
Next generation DSL solution "ReachDSL+". ADSL solution that combines high-speed ADSL2 + and ReachDSL that is long distance DSL technology.

■ Hotel Broadband ADSL System
Zhone's ADSL products that receives high acclaim in foreign countries and has experience of hotel ADSL solution enables configuration of reasonable service network by using existing phone line.

■ 3CX IP-PBX VoIP environment construction
This solution achieves VoIP environment construction to reduce initial cost, communication cost, and maintenance cost.