ADSL2+/ReachDSL Modem 6381 CPE

ADSL2+ReachDSL Modem 6381 CPE

ADSL2+/ReachDSL Single Port Bridge/Router with USB

With Zhone's innovative, easy to use ADSL2+/R CPE family, service providers can provide ADSL2+ service and ReachDSL service in the same unit, ensuring coverage to the entire subscriber base.
The Zhone 6300 enhanced CPE are easily user-installed. The embedded web-based user interface is designed to simplify ADSL deployment. All products provide an Ethernet connection that is auto-sensing, eliminating the worry about connection cable type (straight-through vs crossover). All units include a built in POTS filter that eliminates the expense of an external filter as well as reduces installation errors.

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Model Number 6381-A5-600
Line Rate ReachDSL downstream and upstream 2.2 [Mbps]
ADSL2+ downstream 26 [Mbps] upstream 1.3 [Mbps]
Interfaces DSL RJ11: 1 port
Phone RJ11: 1 port(with integrated phone filter)
LAN RJ45: 1 port
USB USB: 1 port
Power AC Adapter(100-240V,50/60Hz)
Operating Requirements 0~40℃/5~95%(non-condensing)
Dimensions(H×W×D) 38.1(H) x 133.7(W) x 107.9(D) [mm]
Weight 226.8 [g]
Management WEB Management/TELNET
Network Function Router/Bridge, Firewall/NAT, DHCP Server/Client

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