The DSLAM for the New Era in Broadband

Raptor DSLAM delivers the next generation of high-performance business and residential DSL services. With Raptor, carriers can offer digital video, high bandwidth Internet access and cell relay services from a single platform.
Raptor is the only DSLAM a carrier needs for deployment anywhere in their network. It supports ADSL2+, VDSL2, and SHDSL loops with ATM, IP and Ethernet uplinks for legacy, overlay and green-field deployments. Raptor allows carriers to deploy the same chassis in CO and Remote Terminal sites in both 3-U and 7-U configurations.



Model Number 319 719
Slots 10 17
Card Support Uplink Card(100/1000BT),FAN Module Card(only 319)
ADSL2+ Card, ReachDSL Card, SHDSL(EFM) Card
Power -48V DC (43.75V~-62V)
Operating Requirements -40~65℃/5~85%(non-condensing)
Dimensions(H×W×D) 132.6(H) x 442.0(W) x 287.0(D) [mm] 310.4(H) x 438.1(W) x 283.2(D) [mm]
Management WEB Management/CLI(Telnet・Serial)/SNMP
Network Function RIP V1/V2, Bridge, DHCP Server/Relay, 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1- QoS, IGMP V1/V2
Compliance NEBS level 3 compliant,RUS listed, Safety: UL 60950 3rd edition, CSA 950 3rd edition, EN 60950, AS / NZS 3260, TS 001, Emissions: EN 55022A, CFR47 PART 15A (FCC) Immunity: NEBS GR-1089-Core level 3, EN 55024, EN 55082-1, T1.601-1992 Environmental: NEBS GR-63-Core level 3, GR-487 compliant, ETS 300 019-2-x compliant, ISTA transportation and handling, Network Certification: FCC Part 68, CTR-12,

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