SHDSL the LAN extended for campus and factory site


Raptor-XP-170 EFM Access Concentrator

Since the introduction of EFM - Ethernet in the First Mile, service providers can now count on the ability to utilize more than one copper pair and carry far more bandwidth over the existing copper infrastructure. By bonding multiple pairs...


G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem ETHX-3400

SHDSL Bonded Ethernet Access Device

The 4 and 8 port EtherXtend SHDSL Ethernet Access Devices (ETHX-3444 and ETHX-3484, respectively) have been designed to deliver bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile (EFM) services over SHDSL. The ETHX-34xx...


G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem ETHX-3000

SHDSL.bis EFM (IEEE 802.3ah) Ethernet Access Device

The EtherXtend SHDSL EFM products are available in 1-port, 2-port, and 4-port configurations. The 2-port and 4-port units support loop bonding, thereby enabling up to 11.4 Mbps transmission rates over two copper pairs, or 22Mbps over four copper pairs. As with all of Zhone's...


G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem ETHX-3200

SHDSL EFM Access Device With Voice Support

Zhone's EtherXtend SHDSL EFM Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) allow Carriers, CLECs, ISPs and PTTs to deliver Ethernet services to their customers simply, quickly and cost-effectively over the existing copper plant. Intended for deployment at end-users' locations, these devices allow...


G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem ETHX-3142

G.SHDSL.bis Modem ETHX-3142 supports EFM/PWE3

The 3100 series Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) provide enhanced Virtual LAN support with Quality of Service (QoS) for the most latency sensitive voice and video services, making it ideal for 3G/4G mobile backhaul and T1/E1...


G.SHDSL Modem 1740-A3

Bonded G.SHDSL Router, Speeds up to 4.6 Meg

The Zhone 1740 SHDSL Router is an ideal device for support of DSL termination for both home offices and small to medium businesses. It offers a rich set of features that...


G.SHDSL.bis Modem N2N ETHX-2100

EtherXtend SHDSL Ethernet Access Device supports loop bonding up to 11.4 Mbps

Zhone's EtherXtend 2100 SHDSL Series of Ethernet Access Devices (EADs) allows Carriers, CLECs, ISPs and PTTs to deliver Ethernet services to their customers simply, quickly and cost-effectively over existing copper plant. Intended for deployment...


G.SHDSL Modem SNE2040

G.SHDSL N2N bonding Modem SNE2040 Provider/Subscriber

The SNE2040 allows Carriers, ISPs and PTTs to deliver Ethernet services to virtually anywhere, using standard SHDSL circuits. The SNE2040 offers up to 9.6Mbps of extremely reliable and efficient Ethernet service...