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MXK PON Splitters

MXK PON Splitters

MXK PON Splitters

Demands on access networks are increasing at an accelerating rate, requiring a clean-sheet approach to a truly scalable multi-service architecture. Zhone’s MXK intelligent terabit access concentrator reflects this new approach, featuring an initial 400 Gbps pure packet switching capacity and 2x10 Gbps redundant links to every slot. Beyond sheer bandwidth, MXK platforms leverage Zhone’s well-proven SLMS access operating system for sophisticated service intelligence, to guarantee high quality of experience for subscribers, along with ease of management to address rising costs of network operation.
In a PON (Passive Optical Network), each end user has an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) while the fiber terminates at a central office or remote cabinet in an OLT (Optical Line Terminal). Between the OLT and the ONT may be one or two stages of passive splitters, which split the connection to multiple end points (up to 64), and WDM combiners, when RF overlay services are also being offered.


Product Name 4U Chassis PON Splitters 1x32 PON Splitters 1x64
Slot 12 - -
Port number 2, 4, 8, 16 (Card) 32 64
Dimensions(H×W×D) 177 x 430 x 270 [mm] 44.4 x 439 x 276 [mm] 88.8 x 439 x 276 [mm]
Wavelength 1310+/-50 nm, 1460~1600 nm
Insertion Loss Max. 3.6dB(1x2)
Max. 7.5dB(1x4)
Max. 11dB(1x8)
Max. 14.3dB(1x16)
Max. 18dB Max. 21.5dB
Return loss Min. 55dB
Temperature -40 ~ 85 ℃

Card Model Number

Model Number Port number Description
ZPON-SPLT-1X2-SC/APC-1LGX 2 PON Splitters 1x2 Single Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)
ZPON-SPLT-1X4-SC/APC-1LGX 4 PON Splitters 1x4 Single Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)
ZPON-SPLT-1X8-SC/APC-1LGX 8 PON Splitters 1x8 Single Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)
ZPON-SPLT-1X16-SC/APC-2LGX 16 PON Splitters 1x16 Double Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)
ZPON-SPLT-WALL-MOUNT-1LGX - Wall Mounting Brackets For LGX Single Width Card
ZPON-SPLT-WALL-MOUNT-2LGX - Wall Mounting Brackets For LGX Double Width Card
ZPON-WDM-1XSC/APC-1LGX - TRI-Wave Single WDM Combiner SC/APC LGX Single Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)
ZPON-WDM-2XSC/APC-1LGX - TRI-Wave Double WDM Combiner SC/APC LGX Single Width Card(Front Input/Outputs)

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