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3CX Japan (JTS) alliance with FlatAPI for 3CX Phone System business


3CX Japan operated by JTS Corporation agreed with FlatAPI 3CX Phone System business
Cloud type IP Business Phone Service = Flat-Phone

JTS Corporation (operating 3CX Japan) announced the agreement with Flat API on August 29th, 2014 for 3CX Phone System business to strengthen 3CX Phone system sales in Japan.
From September 8th, FlatAPI start to provide cloud type IP business phone service using 3CX Phone Systems called “Flat-Phone”. FlatAPI enters cloud type of IP business phone market. Target will be 1,000 contracts in 3 years.

■ About cloud type IP business phone service = “Flat-Phone”
【Available Features】
Business Phone feature:
Free call, park, DID, out of business hour call, phone book, etc.
Softphone feature:
Unified Communication feature:
Presence, Chat, Conference Call, Voice Mail
CTI・CRM feature:
Salesforce、Google contact, Outlook collaboration
Recording entire call, IVR, ACD
■ About 3CX Phone System
3CX Phone System is software base IP-PBX which runs on WindowsOS.
It supports many business phone features supported by conventional PBX. It replaces conventional phone system with flexible VoIP phone system easily.
Thaks to user friendly WEB base user interface will make VoIP system available easily without any professional knowledge.
It also supports most of vendors’ VoIP Gateway equipments which make the systems connects PSTN.